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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Episode 10

Howdy ho! Episode ten is now out, which means we have some more AVS to dish out, so let's get started. So this week we coverd cropping, Which has two relatively basic commands. One is a manual crop, where you enter the cropping value's yourself, and the other is autocrop, where AVS will enter the cropping values automatically for you. We'll cover the basic crop command first. It should look like this:


the actual default value for crop is defined like this:


No the way each number work is:


Basically all you need to do is enter in the value of how mauch you want taken out of the movie, which is usually the black bars you see on the top and bottom. So let's, for an example, assume we wanted 180 pixels removed from top and bottom, it would look something like this:


Now, with the autocrop command it's much simpler, you simply tell it to auto crop and it chooses the values automatically. Autocrop will be written like this:


Pretty simple huh? Now sometimes autocrop will over crop your video file, when this happens you then revert to the standard crop and enter the values manually. A trick to seeing what it is you want cropped is to enter in the autocrop command like this:


When you leave out the "0", it will make the autocrop command show what value's it is cropping, so when you start your video, you will see the actual cropping values posted on the video in your viewing screen. You can then take thoes values, write them down and use the normal crop command and adjust it accordingly untill you get the desired crop you want.

Ok, now onto the meat an potatoes. Ep 10 coverd the recent news of the raids on warez providers, and the EMI's take on Frances filesharing bill proposal, plus a few other snippets of the past weeks news. We responded to some of our email feedback, and we finally got our first voicemail, and have dubbed the caller of that lovely reply as the offical Pod2Peer Redneck. If you wanna know more about it, your gonna have to listen to the show.

We'd also like to ask that all thoes not already subscribed to the show to go ahead and get subscribed, that way when a new show comes out, your computer will automatically download it for you. The easiest way to do this is to click on the podcastpickle logo to your right, and on our page there at the pickle, in the upper left hand corner, you'll see an itunes logo. Just click that and it will auto subscribe you to the show. Now how can it get any easier then that? While your there, feel free to click the button to add us to your favorites and help us get to number one at the pickle. Well, that's it for this week, see you all next week - CJ

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Pod2peer Episode 9

Well, nine is out. Sadly, we had some technical (if you can call it that) difficulties with this ep. Kyp was forced to drop out beacuse of some noise issues where he lives, which was a real bummer, especially since I, and i'm sure all of you, were really looking forward to his input on our weekly AVS lesson. Since he is our resident professional in AVS, i'm afraid I was stuck trying to hold the reins alone on this one. I did manage to give you some really basic commands, but whatever I might have missed in this ep will be coverd by Kyp as makeup in the next one. Right, so here are the two command lines we learned this week as promised. First, we have bicubicresize, whcih should look like this:


Simply replace the x's with the framesize you desire, for example "480,352". Remember, you want to use the bicubic command for upsizing a video.

Next we have bilinearresize, and it should look like this:


Once again, replace the x's with your desired framesize. Another example, "352,240"
And this command is used to downsize you video framesize.

Remember, you only want to use one of these commands. So, now our avs script file should look like this:

directshowsource("C:\Documents and Settings\CJ\Desktop\test\test.avi",fps=xx.xx)

Next week we'll be covering cropping, to get out them annoying black bars from your video feed. It would help if you could find a mpeg-1 or mpeg-2 video source, but its not nessasary, the avi file will still work, you just wont be able to see the loss of black bars if it doesnt have any in it.

In this ep we cover a couple news story's concerning NCC concerns over DRM management, and the US government probing search engines about porn. We dish out another japanese word of the week, give you the top ten most downloaded files, and run through our regular amount of bs. You will also get a sneak peak of what it is we do to prep ourselves before the show. Just a little present for all our fans that have been so loyal to us. Remember, don't forget to go to and vote for pod2peer, and stop by and add us to your favorites. See you all next week -CJ

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Pod2Peer Episode 8

Okay guys and gals, episode 8 is out and ready for grabbing. As we discussed in this most recent episode, i'm going to post an example for our first AVS lesson. This is basically what you should be seeing when you type your command

directshowsource("C:\Documents and Settings\CJ\Desktop\test\test.avi",fps=xx.xx)

Now where you see the path, i.e C:\Documents and Settings\CJ\Desktop\test your going to copy and pate YOUR path from YOUR drive, not mine which is the one shown here. Then where it says xx.xx for the fps= command, you will need to replace thoes with the correct frames per second value, which as I said in the show, if you can't find it, run through it with each of these values till one works where it runs without causing the audio to go out of sync


You can always get the free copy of virtualdub, which you can google to find, and then pop your video into that, and then look under the video tab for the fps information, pretty simple stuff.

During the show we also talked about a live streaming radio station that plays our podcasts, here's the address for that
Pop on over and give em a listen, they have thousands of cd's and take requests.They don't play 24 hours a day, so check HERE To see if someone is on. Props to Burt and Octane for getting our show onto that.

Were fianlly starting to get more settled on our schedule for recording each episode, which means a more solid day for you to all look for a release. Dont forget to stop by and vote for the show.

Thanks to all thoes who subscribe to the show. If you have any questions about the first AVS lesson, feel free to either email your question to, or pop on over to the and click on the skype button. If i'm around, I'd be more than happy to answer your question live.

See you all next week, and I hope you enjoy episode 8 - CJ

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Pod2Peer Episode 7

Ok all, episode seven is out. Get it while it's hot. In this ep we cover some DRM news, have a couple Japanese words of the day (one which doesn't bode well for William Shatner), discuss yet another RIAA lawsuit, this time one thats going very wrong for them, have a rant about where I work, and of course our usual banter. This time even going so far as to compare Harry Potter to an old 70's TV show. Episode six is still being worked on. We had a major audio problem that Kyp is working hard to fix, so keep an eye out for that as well. Don't forget to vote for us at Every vote counts. Ok, that's it, it's 1:00am and i'm bushed. Enjoy the show! - CJ

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Patti Santangelo Thanks Pod2Peer

Dear Supporters,

When I decided not to accept a settlement with the RIAA it was of course because "I did not ever download or make available for mass distribution any music files" end of story. It seems to have become the beginning of a story. I learn something new everyday that makes me realize how wrong the "sue em all campaign" is. The most important thing I learned (besides not to stutter when speaking in public) is that most people know and respect the difference between right and wrong. The support that you have given me reminds me that I am not alone with how I feel about these lawsuits and I cannot thank you enough for that. I was recently at a point that I thought it just did not matter what I believed and that the laws were not going to be on my side. It was the positive response from all of you that changed my mind about giving up.

Thank you for all of your support.


Patti Santangelo

We hope you kick their ass and we thank you for having the courage to stand-up to these corporations, Patti!


Monday, January 02, 2006

Episode 6 Glitches and Some RIAA Grinches

We ran into a massive issue while editing episode #6 but that's being worked on and it will be up as soon as possible.

In other news Patti Santangelo finally has her Paypal donations link up and as promised I'm sharing it here (you can now find it at the top of our blog). This New York mother of 5 is not giving in to RIAA scare tactics and she's going to need plenty of financial support to take them on. Read more about her case at

Good luck, Patti! Pod2Peer is proud to be one of the first of your supporters.