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Friday, December 15, 2006

Pod2Peer Episode 50 Shownotes

Welcome everyone to Pod2Peer's 50th episode! This week your host Charlie dives into the bittorrent takeover debalce, how the RIAA plans to screw thier artists, and a whole lot more!

Yeah, I'm a little late posting this one. I've been busy as all hell all week long and just forogt to do the shownotes, sorry. Here the music played for this ep...

Podsafe For Peace

HELLbus - Table Fate

One more side note, episode 51 will the last episode for 2006 as 52 and 53 would actually end up being released on christmas and new years day, and I doubt anyone will bother grabbing the show then. Plus with 5 kids, I'm gonna need that time to play santa, and new years eve I'll prolly be too piss ass drunk to do a show. - CJ

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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ep 50 Delay

Sorry folks, but episode 50 will be getting put off till next week. I came down with a lovely cold from the kids that has wiped out my voice pretty good. I should be back up and running good next week though, and hopefully i'll be better in time for the next TorrentPod show, so it wont be a full week before something is released. - CJ