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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Episode 10

Howdy ho! Episode ten is now out, which means we have some more AVS to dish out, so let's get started. So this week we coverd cropping, Which has two relatively basic commands. One is a manual crop, where you enter the cropping value's yourself, and the other is autocrop, where AVS will enter the cropping values automatically for you. We'll cover the basic crop command first. It should look like this:


the actual default value for crop is defined like this:


No the way each number work is:


Basically all you need to do is enter in the value of how mauch you want taken out of the movie, which is usually the black bars you see on the top and bottom. So let's, for an example, assume we wanted 180 pixels removed from top and bottom, it would look something like this:


Now, with the autocrop command it's much simpler, you simply tell it to auto crop and it chooses the values automatically. Autocrop will be written like this:


Pretty simple huh? Now sometimes autocrop will over crop your video file, when this happens you then revert to the standard crop and enter the values manually. A trick to seeing what it is you want cropped is to enter in the autocrop command like this:


When you leave out the "0", it will make the autocrop command show what value's it is cropping, so when you start your video, you will see the actual cropping values posted on the video in your viewing screen. You can then take thoes values, write them down and use the normal crop command and adjust it accordingly untill you get the desired crop you want.

Ok, now onto the meat an potatoes. Ep 10 coverd the recent news of the raids on warez providers, and the EMI's take on Frances filesharing bill proposal, plus a few other snippets of the past weeks news. We responded to some of our email feedback, and we finally got our first voicemail, and have dubbed the caller of that lovely reply as the offical Pod2Peer Redneck. If you wanna know more about it, your gonna have to listen to the show.

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