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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Pod2peer Episode 9

Well, nine is out. Sadly, we had some technical (if you can call it that) difficulties with this ep. Kyp was forced to drop out beacuse of some noise issues where he lives, which was a real bummer, especially since I, and i'm sure all of you, were really looking forward to his input on our weekly AVS lesson. Since he is our resident professional in AVS, i'm afraid I was stuck trying to hold the reins alone on this one. I did manage to give you some really basic commands, but whatever I might have missed in this ep will be coverd by Kyp as makeup in the next one. Right, so here are the two command lines we learned this week as promised. First, we have bicubicresize, whcih should look like this:


Simply replace the x's with the framesize you desire, for example "480,352". Remember, you want to use the bicubic command for upsizing a video.

Next we have bilinearresize, and it should look like this:


Once again, replace the x's with your desired framesize. Another example, "352,240"
And this command is used to downsize you video framesize.

Remember, you only want to use one of these commands. So, now our avs script file should look like this:

directshowsource("C:\Documents and Settings\CJ\Desktop\test\test.avi",fps=xx.xx)

Next week we'll be covering cropping, to get out them annoying black bars from your video feed. It would help if you could find a mpeg-1 or mpeg-2 video source, but its not nessasary, the avi file will still work, you just wont be able to see the loss of black bars if it doesnt have any in it.

In this ep we cover a couple news story's concerning NCC concerns over DRM management, and the US government probing search engines about porn. We dish out another japanese word of the week, give you the top ten most downloaded files, and run through our regular amount of bs. You will also get a sneak peak of what it is we do to prep ourselves before the show. Just a little present for all our fans that have been so loyal to us. Remember, don't forget to go to and vote for pod2peer, and stop by and add us to your favorites. See you all next week -CJ


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