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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

P2P mini 3 and a new way to play.

Mini episode 3 is out, where I discuss the history of our show, and say goodbye to our friend Bryan. Also, we have added fourms for the show. Just hop on over to and register. There you will get more up to date info on whats going on with the show, plus you will be able to add in some of your thoughts on what you'd like to hear in the show. I'm also working on our main website, For now, it will just redirect you back here to the blog.

mini 4 now out

Mini ep 4 is out now. In this ep we announce our new forums over at Check it out, and don't forget to add us to your favorites at the Podcast Pickle(just clik the favorites button on the page). We're climbing the charts, but we need all of your help to get us to the top.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Episode 13, and a few changes...

Well, episode 13, our latest full show is out, featuring both me (Charlie) and Bryan. Now, if you've seen the last post here in the blog, you'll see that Bryan has left us. We didn't know about it at the time we recorded episode 13, or we would have given him the send-off he deserved, but somtimes things dont always work out the way they ought to. We all wish Bryan the best at whatever he does, and want him to know that he will always have a home here in the blog, and on our show.

Now, that being said, it becomes obvious that we are going to have to make some changes here on the show. I have been diligently brainstorming and have come up with a new format for the full show. Expect a new mini episode out soon that will spell out some details on what to expect with our full show format. I'll give you a hint now though, it's going to be a lot more interactive with outside sources, and VERY feedback freindly. Keep an ear out for mini episode 3 for more details. Till then, thanks for listening. - CJ

Stepping Down

Dear friends and listeners:

Please accept this letter as my notice of resignation, effective today.
This wasn't an easy decision, because I'm grateful for the fun I've had with you and the Pod2Peer crew. But after long hours of consideration, my decision is now final and I'm going to focus my free time on my career. No hard feelings. It's just something that I have to do.

Sincere thanks and best wishes for the future,


Friday, March 03, 2006

Ep 12 and mini 1 and 2

Howdy all, sorry it's been so long since I posted, but I've been busy. Let's get into the AVS tip from episode 12.
Now what we coverd was temporalsoften, and what the standard numbers for this command looklike are this:


or, if your using the video= command in front of your command lines, you'll use this as a standard code:


Now this set of numbers will give you a basic blur to your encode, which isn't too heavy on the blur/soften scale, but will help rid some small pixelation. You can raise the values to adjust for more softening or bluring effect to help out in a lower bitrate encode. This may a bit too techy, but a more desriptive explination of what all the number effect is this:

TemporalSoften(clip clip, int radius, int luma_threshold, int chroma_threshold [, int scenechange] [, int mode])

The clip clip, represent the video command you would stick in if your using the Video= parameter.

Now for our next full ep (13) we will be showing you how to use AVS in an actual encode. Were going to be covering a KVCD encode, which is a vcd (mpeg-1) video encode. KVCD is a good encode process to know beacuse most standalone dvd players will play vcd video when it doesnt play ripped or re-encoded dvd's or svcd's. The bonus to KVCD is that you can fit an entire movie on one regular 700mb cd, without any real quality loss, when done correctly.
For this encode were going to use a program called HCEncoder v0.17, and you can find it on doom9 at this link
Keep an eye on this blog entry just in case we think of anything else you might need.

Now, hopefully you all liked the last two mini ep's, and hopefully we can work out a schedule where we'll have all three of us and not just me, cause although I know im just super sexy an all, bryan and kyp help make me even even more deisreable, (yeah right). Ok, that's all for now, and dont forget that it's a new month so go here--> and vote for us. Also, click on the link on your right, and set us as one of your favorites at, we've moved up to number seven so far, but were shooting for number 1. K, see you all next week - CJ