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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Featured Podcast

We've made the featured podcast list over at! Horray for us! Most of the credit goes to bryan who makes our presence known at the pickle, so major kudos to him. Another announcment, bryan won a prize last night at the pickle online christmas party, so another pat on the back to him. I've added a link on the right of the page for our listeners to click on. It will take you over to the pickle and add us to your favorites list. If your not registerd at the pickle then it will set you up for that, and it's an easy process, so no worries. We need all that can do it, to add us to the fav's list, which is a one time thing only, so it's not asking much. The more people put us on their favorites list, the higher ranking we'll get at the pickle, and then hopefully, the more listeners we'll get. Thanks to all thoes who have voted at podcast alley too, we really appreciate it. - Charlie


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