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Monday, November 28, 2005

Portable Media Expo

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be able to visit the portable media expo, aka the podcast expo. Got some pics while I was there and I thought I'd share em.
Starting from left to right, we have me and Leo Laporte, then a picture of Adrina Thorpe, a singer who's music we played a podsafe song of episode 2, a nice shot of Soccergirl with the body paint. Next level down is a pic with me and Dawn and Drew, then another pic of Soccergirl doing a live podcast, followed by a pic of the vcrew from The Amazing Adventures Of Dr. Floyd doing a live podcast. On the third level down we have a pic of Leo Laporte during a commercial break for his Kfi Tech guy podcast, a pic of me with Dawn from Dawn and Drew, and a pic of Bibb and Yaz doing a live podcast. On the last level of pics we have Leo Laporte doing some interviews with Dawn and Drew, Brother Love, from the podsafe music network, and Adrina Thorpe.
The whole experiance was a blast. I got to meet tons and tons of fellow podcasters, and learned loads about all the stuff you can do with your podcast. Hope you enjoy the pic's. (and fyi, yeah I noticed the dude in the front of the pic of Brother love picking his nose, that's why I used that one)


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