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Friday, December 09, 2005

Fun Little Promotion Linking Image

Okay folks, Brian got this cool idea for promotion just now... so, him being the amazing man with html and ipb code, set me to work.... so, now we have it, in two flavours, one you can put on your website to promote us, which if you click will go to our feedburner address, and one for forums that you can put in your signature and if you click will go to our feedburner address (we also have a non-hotlink flavour for those sites that don't like hotlinks in signatures)... as you can see, its over in our links section, and looks quite snazzy, the coolest thing is, the gif will auto update everytime we upload a new episode... cool huh.... well here you go, another taste of it

Pod2Peer - The ONLY P2P Podcast

so, what's this i hear, you want it NOW!... yes, we understand, so do we... here's how you can do it...

1) if you would like to add this to your own website, or something you can put html code in (your blogger links, myspace, your personal website, so on) copy this bit of code to the area on said site where you want it

<a href=""><img src="" style="border: 0pt none ;" alt="Pod2Peer - The ONLY P2P Podcast" height="67" width="200" /></a>

that's it, you're done

Okay, now for forums and such that use the [url] tags instead of good old html.... you want to add this to your signature

you say.... yes, just that easy....

now, there are a few number of forums that don't like it when people have links in their signatures... which we can understand... guess what! we've got just the image for you


you'll still be able to pimp out our show, and it will still show the scrolling images, and update every new episode....

aren't you excited....

well, that's it for todays lesson in cool ways to pimp out your favoite podcast to all your friends.... i'm out



At 3:55 PM, Blogger Doc said...

where's your promo? i'm doing my show, and want your promo, but you have no promo. make a promo so i can play your promo, make a damn promo!

please make a promo :)

At 3:59 PM, Blogger Pod2Peer said...

Were working on one now. I have one almost ready to go, and I know that Kyp has a friend working on one as well. - Charlie


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