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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

More Than a P2P Podcast

Pod2Peer is so much more than a P2P related podcast. It's also a closet growroom, an unethical psychology experiment, a cocktail party, a tough guy on line at Walmart, a recording studio, a power fisting competition, Kermit's comeback, a thesis defense, a biker bar full of meth whores, an excuse for abortion, a floor wax, and a creamy dessert topping.

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At 10:59 PM, Anonymous KELSTER from Irving TX said...

Great F'n Show. Keep up the good F'n work, to all who's offended, F off and give your self a rim job after eating mass quantities of cheese burgers. You'll find your full of sh-t, and then say your self "Damn that dude has got a point..." corporate elites got me doing some really stupid F-n sh-t. So does it have to come to that? bla bla...

Anyways, got a little message to share! We need to go to our local flea market and give a finger to the idiots counter fitting DVDs for shady profits and tell them to go and F themselves because it is free to do Put a hot Tommali in there too. Talking about the food dude! F-n bastards f-n it up for us.

Sorry for the Obscene McDonald Theme. Their food smells the same when it comes out the other end and people will continue to smell the same sh-t and come back for more because people really love it....Hell F'nA Your the Sh-t. F'nA lol ha Happy F-n Xmas all

Please I wrote this for sh-ts and giggles! This podcast does not stink. I am merely pointing out some sick facts/comparisons and attempted to offend someone. If your still fuck'n reading this then it worked.

At 6:37 PM, Blogger RuneKey said...

its funny because "P2P Podcast" is actually the name of my podcast- "Player 2 Player Podcast"

its a video game podcast in case your interested.


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